Perhaps one of the most cost effective means by which you are able to ascertain whether a particular plot of land or property has any potential for development is to commission a Development Appraisal.

We undertake detailed Development Appraisal’s throughout England which involves us visiting the site and reviewing the national and local planning policy framework concerning the site and surrounding area to understand the planning policy considerations relating to a proposed development. Following our site visit and research, we prepare a detailed written report setting out our views on the site opportunities and constraints and the pertinent issues to be addressed in moving forward with a proposal in order that our clients are able to make informed planning decisions.

In our experience, this has proven to be a very effective and relatively cost efficient way of assessing the realistic chances of securing planning permission for such developments on individual sites, before a detailed planning application is embarked upon.

If you have a site for which you require a development appraisal, contact us to discuss how we can help.